Company’s future plans include developing more state-of-the-art software packages in the areas of Information management for both domestic and international markets. The Products will be available on multiple platforms.


About Us

Odisys Technologies has started its Software Development centre in Dec’07.

Our areas of specialization are in Finance, Banking, Telecom and FMCG. We are Going to make our presence felt in domains of Business Development, ITES, Consulting and other support functions.

The company has extensive experience in different industry groups in key business areas including, customer relationship management, supply chain management, Custom Application Development, Systems Integration/EAI, ERP Functionality Extension, Business/Data Warehousing, software modernization, eBusiness, technology and outsourcing. We help organizations operate more productively and profitably through a full spectrum of specialized staffing and project implementation products and services.

We provide world-class solutions, while sustaining continuous profitable growth with well-motivated and competent people, and a unified company culture. We provide advisory services to companies that want to address the challenges of the new economy.

Strong relationships within this network group of business areas extend Odisys Technologies is knowledge of emerging business models and products, enabling the company to provide its clients with the best possible tools, technologies and capabilities. Our broad geographic reach, scalability, and immense talent pool enable us to reliably serve customer needs at the enterprise level that drive business values.

Company has evolved innovative and proven business models that address the range of requirements of our customers. New technological strengths are nurtured and domain expertise substantially enlarged. We work on collaborative technologies, to provide scalable and robust solutions in real world application development.

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