Company’s future plans include developing more state-of-the-art software packages in the areas of Information management for both domestic and international markets. The Products will be available on multiple platforms.


Application Maintenance
With the continuous emergence of newer and better technologies, and with the growing needs of the business, applications must continuously evolve to keep pace with the latest developments. As a result, application maintenance can prove quite challenging.

Our teams are capable of managing system and application maintenance tasks at the following levels
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Adaptive Maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Perfective Maintenance

The support services are taken up based on previously agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) renewed annually with the different customers.

We have well-defined processes and procedures for this SLA-based support services that we provide.

Application Enhancements
We also receive a number of change/development requests for most of the applications that are being supported. These are applications enhancements that are required because of changing business processes or corrections to previously existing bugs or performance enhancement exercises. We undertake project execution on promising products under revenue-sharing models. We invest by providing resources required for building and supporting products. Sharing intellectual property has also been useful in co-investment. We develop features required for client products and own the Intellectual Property.

For application enhancement requests we have well-defined processes and procedures for effectively carrying out these application changes
  • We perform a detailed impact and risk analysis before any of the change requests are taken up for implementation.
  • These records are internally reviewed and shared with our customers.
  • We have well-documented release and deployment procedures which are shared with the customers.

The following points provide details of the provision of support projects to the client.
Scope of Support Service
The scope of support service includes
  • Software support: Bug fixing and application related queries
  • Help desk support: Setup/installation support and usage support
  • Onsite service: Skilled resource placement

Methodology/Execution Model
The following are the phases in Application Maintenance life cycle
  • System study and knowledge acquisition
  • Inventory and baseline
  • Prepare maintenance guidelines
  • Execution of maintenance requests
  • Monitoring and reporting

Benefits of Our Services
  • Excellent value proposition
  • Scalable at short notice
  • Wider skill set in offshore and onsite model
  • Online issue tracking of a support project

As a software engineering powerhouse, our primary objective is to provide development skills to other software development companies. You have the skills in client relationship and business system study. We have the people and infrastructure to deliver projects at low costs. In this type of relationships, the final client is usually unaware of Odisys's role in the development process, and Odisys is also not involved in that part of the pricing/billing.

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