Company’s future plans include developing more state-of-the-art software packages in the areas of Information management for both domestic and international markets. The Products will be available on multiple platforms.


Portals & Content Management
Portals dynamically present information from various sources of information and data providing a user friendly view of the enterprise. The portal in-fact allows the users including customers, employees and vendors to self serve the enterprise information suitable to their working needs. Portals with their features enhancing use and collaboration today present an increasingly useful channel of business for enterprises to reach out to their customers.

With a glut of information and the number of applications that enterprises have, effective aggregation and content management through the use of enterprise portals has become very crucial in maintaining a uniform flow of relevant information through a one-point source. Portals have become de facto the main business model acting as a key differentiator for many businesses.

The ability to access and share a wide variety of content is critically important to high performance. A successful portals and content management infrastructure dynamically aggregates content and applications to provide different types of users self-service access to the information they need.|

Organizations need to govern, view, manage and store all types of data as a seamless whole. Our approach to information management therefore takes into consideration the need to manage not only structured but semi- and unstructured data for an enterprise-wide solution.

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